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Welcome to the Pocket

The captivating joy of Black gospel music--coming soon for your beginning band and orchestra learners.

For the versatile, comprehensive player.

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Private Music Instructor

“This is DESPERATELY needed in America's music education curriculum."

Band Director,

Rural Schools

"This would be a FANTASTIC teaching tool and a fun way for my kids to learn."

Orchestra Director,

Grades 6-12

“This is an incredible tool and will be so valuable to music classrooms!”

Why Pocket Methods?

As a middle school band director, I found myself creating beginning band exercises that connected to music content standards and made my students feel seen and heard in their first year of instrumental music learning. For many of my students, Black gospel music was that resonating connection that honored the musical experiences they  brought with them to school. Pocket brings this motivating learning experience to the fingertips of any student, teacher, or parent. I hope you enjoy it!

-Charlie Edmonds, Founder of Pocket Methods, LLC

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