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Black gospel music
to Beginning Band.


For the versatile, comprehensive player.

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Band room -transforming content.
Gap-filling instruction.

Tunes sorted by skill, logically paced.

Need only 3/4 time signature exercises? There's a page for that. 

Skill improvement by Black Gospel traditions.

Call & response activities, improvisation at the most basic level, music theory learning activities.

America's history on display.

Workbook-style moments paired with tunes for informed teaching and playing of Black historical content from one of the most influential genres created on American soil.

Informed teaching at your fingertips.

Lesson plans, assessments, supplemental media, and activity ideas within the Band Director's Resource.



Charlie Edmonds, Founder of Pocket

As a middle school band director, I found myself creating arrangements that both resonated with my students and connected to music content standards. For many of my students, Black gospel music was that resonating connection that honored the musical skills they brought with them to class before they ever picked up a band instrument. 

Pocket brings this motivating learning experience to the fingertips of any student, teacher, or parent.


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